When the Smoke Clears: A Phoenix Rises


Greek Mythology refers to the phoenix as a bird that is perpetually regenerated or reborn—but only after going through a fire. Like the rising of the sun symbolizes a new day, a phoenix rising from the ashes represents new life. When the Smoke Clears: A Phoenix Rises addresses the fires of life and techniques to douse the flames, resurrecting you from the ashes into victorious living. Although you may be thrust into the fire, when the smoke clears, you will emerge unscathed!
In this book, you will be empowered to:
 Turn adversity into opportunity
 Incorporate joy and gratitude into your daily walk with Christ
 Speak words that propel you to your destiny
 Live a life of faith and prosperity


From suicidal thoughts and depression, to blended family woes and identity crises, this book empowers readers to know that there can still be peace from their broken pieces. Using the analogy of life as a phoenix, readers will learn how to rise from the ashes of life’s fires and come out unscathed!



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