Tenita Johnson

Authorpreneur | Publisher | Ghostwriter | Speaker

From losing a set of twins the day after she and her husband wed, to years of unemployment, suicidal thoughts and blended family woes, Tenita Johnson, bestselling author and motivational speaker, soon learned that the only way out of every fire is through. After going through fires of life numerous times and coming out unscathed, she realized that the same fire which she thought was meant to kill her would be the very steppingstones that helped build her.

Whether your audience is an intimate setting for five or a conferencce center of 5,000, her tailor-made messages of inspiration and motivation will catapault attendees into purpose and dream fulfillment. Known for her authentic storytelling ability, comedic delivery and heartfelt impressions, Tenita leaves a mark on the hearts and minds of the audience that can’t be erased

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who can uproot attendees from their place of complacency, book Tenita Johnson today!

She pours out uplifting words of hope and healing, and her audience is made all the better for it. Her passion comes through every word, delivering power to those that feel down and out.

Signature Topics

Tenita is a phenomenal, authentic speaker! She gives practical tips on ways to navigate through the challenges of life, using her painful, but comedic life experiences to leave the audience on the edge of their seats!


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